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General Dentistry

Dr. Alex McPherson and his team provide full service family dental care. When you visit our South Edmonton clinic, your oral health is our priority. Our experienced team will deliver service you can count on.

Our preventative dental program focuses on preserving your natural teeth and preventing the onset and progress of dental diseases. Our program includes regular dental exams, cleanings with ultra-sonic and/or hand instrument, x-rays, panoramic x-rays, sealants, fluoride, and oral cancer screening.

We provide all the standard restorative dental services including fillings (both white/composite and silver/amalgam), dentures, bridges, crowns, root canals, and more.

Our cosmetic dental services include bonding, whitening and crowns.

Overall our philosophy is to suggest only the services you need, with your natural oral health as our priority.

IV Sedation Dentistry

I.V. Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way of reducing anxiety during dental procedures. A benzodiazepine is delivered through an I.V. in the back of the hand. The amount of drug is increased until the patient reaches a profound state of relaxation. In this state, the patient remains conscious, but often remembers very little about the dental procedure. The I.V. administration of drugs allows for a deeper sedation than taking pills like Ativan beforehand, as the amount of drug can be continually increased and reversed if necessary. A consult with Dr. McPherson is required prior to treatment in order to ensure that you a suitable candidate for this procedure.